Tapered Concealer Brush

The flat oval, silky-smooth firm texture of this concealer brush allows full, concentrated coverage to detailed areas of the face. Designed to create an ultra-smooth and even finish. Ideal for precision application of concealer under the eyes and corners of the nose. The Tapered Concealer Brush provides maximum coverage on spots and pigmented areas of the face.

$ 14.00 

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The flat oval-shape brush head is designed for precise application of concealer under and around the eye area. Firm bristles of this brush make it the perfect corrective tool to precisely apply concealer on skin imperfections. Designed to blend, smooth and apply concealer evenly without streaking.

The Tapered Concealer Brush has the ideal small-flat, oval-shape brush head designed to apply concealer onto the most delicate areas of the face such as under and inner corner of the eyes. Gently pat and smooth the brush over a tiny dab of concealer using light strokes, blending and evenly distributing onto the skin. For best results use the flat side of the brush to blend and smooth. Use the tip of the oval-shape brush head when applying concealer around the lash line and corner of the nose.

High-Quality Synthetic Bristles

Cruelty Free. Hand Sculpted.

Made in Germany

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