Round Tip Pencil Sharpener

Custom designed double-blade system pencil sharpener is the essential tool for sharpening our gel-based eyeliner and lipliner pencils. Two high-carbon tempered steel cutting blades shape the tip of your pencil into a nicely rounded point. The cleaning stick, built right into each sharpener, is the only instrument you should need to clean your sharpener with. The removable waste container capture shavings and protects the blade.

$ 6.00 

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The cutting blade is razor-sharp and held absolutely immovable preventing the pencil from wobbling while sharpening. Pencil turns more easily due to the friction-reducing technology resulting in a perfectly sharpened round-tip point.

The double-blade sharpening system forms a perfect round-tip point. Ideal for sharpening our Lip Prefix Primer Liner and Gel Tech Longwear Eyeliner gel-based pencils. Designed with a built in cleaning stick and removable waste container which capture shavings and protects the blade.

High-Carbon Tempered Steel Blades

Made in Germany

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